The Score: US 10, Iran 0

  By any conventional evaluation the United States clearly came out on top in the recent imbroglio with Iran.  Put simply, had a Democratic president been in power, the print media, airwaves and internet would have been awash with paeans to the chief executive and his advisors.  The series of incidents would be depicted as admirable, an example of balancing restraint and force to achieve national ends.  The only reason this is not the accepted narrative in the media, and especially among Democrats is that the impresario of this victory was Donald Trump.   The current “crisis” with Iran began with the Trump administration’s withdrawal from the Obama administration’s Iran nuclear deal.  That was a false treaty, implemented by I-got-a-pen-and-a-phone Obama, through executive action that dodged the constitutional requirement of Senate consent, facilitated by a multi-billion dollar bribe to Iran (money that went directly to...(Read Full Article)
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