The New Bigotry

In the summer of 1951, Harvey E. Clark, Jr., a black man, rented an apartment in all-white Cicero, a Chicago suburb. Attempting to move into his apartment, Clark was stopped by 20 Cicero police officers who threatened to kill him if he returned. The NAACP filed suit against the Cicero police, and Clark and his family moved into their apartment. On July 11, thousands of White thugs, many of them teenagers, gathered outside the Clark apartment, fomented a riot that lasted four days, and did thousands of dollars’ worth of damage to the building. The riot was stopped when Governor Adlai E. Stevenson brought in the Illinois National Guard. Even so the rioters continued to fight against the National Guard and had to be dispersed with tear gas, fixed bayonets, and rifle butts. The Cook County Grand Jury did not indict any of the rioters. In an action and mentality foretelling the voices raised by of some blacks to blame Ultra-Orthodox Jews in Jersey City, in 2019, for their...(Read Full Article)
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