The Mob and Social Justice

The British writer Douglas Murray is one of those rare public intellectuals who writes cogently, with wit and erudition, but also with a sharp dose of common sense and humanity. His latest book, The Madness of Crowds, is an extended meditation on identity politics and specifically how sexuality and race have intersected with technology to create today's toxic culture. Murray’s book is a follow-up to his international bestseller The Strange Death of Europe, in which he describes the malaise of Western Europe as it navigates Islamic immigration and declining birthrates. The Madness of Crowds might well have been titled “The Strange Death of Political Discourse,” as Murray illustrates how the weaponization of identity and victimhood has poisoned the political culture. Murray argues that the decline of religion in the 19th century and the decline of secular ideologies in the last quarter of a century have led to a vacuum that was filled...(Read Full Article)
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