The Media's Worst Year

There were certainly a lot of candidates for the biggest story of 2019, from the red-hot economy to the Mueller mumblings to the president’s record pace in reshaping the judiciary.  But, my vote for the biggest story of 2019 is the complete collapse of media credibility along with its continued poisonous influence.  The media sold its soul to the Democrats long ago, but 2019 was its worst year on record.  Consider a few of the worst offenses. Exhibit A A Washington Post headline declared that slain ISIS leader and hardened terrorist Abu Bakr al-Baghadi an “austere religious scholar.”  Nothing to see here other than another charming chap in horn-rimmed glasses.  They simply did not have it in them to celebrate a major U.S. achievement that reflected positively on the president they hate.      Showing that they never learn from their mistakes, this week’s headline from the same paper...(Read Full Article)
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