The Far Left's Atheism: Should Americans Care?

Project Veritas's recent videos of Bernie Sanders's campaign staffers brought an old issue into new focus: the ways in which leftism and its kissing cousin, atheism, end up at violent odds with just about everything good that is America.  To be sure, Sanders's campaign "field director," Kyle Jurek, didn't preface his video remarks with an announcement that he is an atheist, and Bernie Sanders holds himself out as a "secular Jew."  But Jurek's viewpoints — and Sanders's campaign planks — track closely and logically with tenets of atheism.  The result, as evidenced in Jurek's remarks, is an angry, ugly hostility to America, including to the culture that has developed from the founding ideals. An important question looms in the background as Americans have watched a Democrat Party taken over by increasingly strident leftists and atheists: can America as founded be sustained under a governing...(Read Full Article)
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