The Democrats and Their Prophetic Failure. Again.

It was only last October that I diagnosed the Democrats as suffering from “prophetic failure.” That’s what happens when the prophecies of a religious cult fail to turn up on cue. And why most politicians are sensible enough to say “we have only ten years to act” before the end of the world. I said back then, “the world was supposed to be all tucked up in progressive heaven by now.”  The arc of history was bending towards justice. Then we got Trump. In When Prophecy Fails, according to Leon Festinger et al., the believers don’t just throw up their hands and go back to ordinary life. Instead they intensify their faith and sharpen up the prophecy. The problem, they decide, is that their faith wasn’t deep enough; they didn’t read the texts right. It is not till later that they lose heart and #WalkAway. They sure do. They passed AB5 in California to stop the gig economy, which was viewed as an insult to government...(Read Full Article)
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