The Crisis in the Left’s Two Totalitarian Faiths

Sitting in the bleachers watching the Democratic presidential campaign I get the feeling that there are two religions at work among the Democratic faithful. The first is the straight Commie religion of Bernie Sanders, that progressive dialectical geniuses will implement Everything-for-All administrative programs as far as the eye can see. It feels so good handing out benefits to the proles. The second is the woke morality of the academy, with its intersectional preachers prophesying hell and damnation on deplorable sinners. It feels so good teaching morality to the Commoners from your social media pulpit. Let’s give our lefty friends the benefit of the doubt.  The idea that “we” needed to provide for the workers came out of Marx’s cunning analysis of the apparent dichotomy between use value and exchange value in classical economics. In that contradiction, Marx decreed, the workers were getting screwed. But, in another proof of God’s...(Read Full Article)
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