The Cost of the Opioid Crisis

Although mortality from drug overdose tragically afflicts all sections of the population, there have been numerous media articles highlighting the disproportionate toll this scourge is inflicting on the white American male population. If a young man grows up being told by the Left’s education mill that he is despised for his patriarchal power (though he has none), that he is a rapist at heart (though he may even be shy with women), that he must yield priority to girls, women, non-white men and LGBT+, because they are morally superior – what can he think? If his father is a flawed role model, then those accusations by the ranting Left are not countermanded. If he loses his job, has not graduated from college and does not belong to a “successful” family or community, he feels the scorn of a culture obsessed with frivolous, material possessions and swaggering ostentation. And if his family does not withstand the Left’s attack on God, then he is without...(Read Full Article)
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