The British Royal Farce

Where are the clowns?  Send in the clowns.  Don't bother — they're here. For some years, Britain has been struggling with the still unresolved issue of Brexit.  Now the country is disturbed and confused by the problem of Megxit.  A dramatic illustration of this is that the wax figures of the duke and duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, were immediately removed from their place in the royal set at Madame Tussaud's Museum in London after their models' startling and surprising announcement on January 8, 2020.  The announcement is written in English, but its import, with its enigmatic nature, is not immediately obvious.  The decision of the important tourist museum, however, sharply depicted the reality: the fall from grace and the decline of popularity of the royal couple. Anyone who has watched the various episodes of the British TV series The Crown must appreciate that the...(Read Full Article)
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