Strange Gloom and Doom about Trump Taking Out Soleimani

Even if you agree with Tucker Carlson and Ann Coulter that America should get out of the Middle East, it's still hard to understand their immediate and very negative reactions to Trump's fatal air strike on Iranian general Qassem Soleimani. Some of the doom and gloom may come from paying too much attention to retroactive justifications and not enough to antecedent provocations.  Hearing that Soleimani was killed pre-emptively because he was plotting some unspecified mayhem is bound to elicit an "oh, please" from anyone who remembers Saddam Hussein and his dangerous but ultimately nonexistent weapons of mass destruction.  The resulting disastrous war is just one of many cases demonstrating that the U.S. Intelligence Community tries to influence events in much the same way most organizations do: it decides what it wants based on reasons it's unlikely to divulge and then gets the rest of us to agree by pushing information unlikely to be...(Read Full Article)
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