Sharyl Attkisson Speaks Out

There are many books, TV shows, and movies about once-revered FBI agents portaying them as heroes.  But after revelations concerning Donald Trump, Richard Jewell (accused of the Atlanta Olympic bombing), and well-respected journalist Sharyl Attkisson, people might be reconsidering. Maybe FBI should stand for Fear, Beware, and Intimidate, while DoJ, the parent company, should stand for Department to Obstruct Justice.  Granted, many do their jobs well, but the leaders at the top are definitely suspect to having an agenda.  American Thinker had the privilege of interviewing Sharyl Attkisson, a whistleblower of sorts, about her reaction to the current climate regarding the FBI/DoJ and the lawsuit she filed. She is an investigative reporter who hosts the syndicated TV news series “Full Measure,” as well as an author publishing a new book that details the death of news, to be released right after the election.   As a CBS investigative...(Read Full Article)
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