Remember: Pay Little Attention to Current National General Election Polls

According to Real Clear Politics, in spite of the economy and everything else going well in the United States of America, almost every current national poll has President Trump trailing a hypothetical Democrat opponent.  Whether Biden; Sanders; Warren; or even Buttigieg, Bloomberg, or Klobuchar, President Trump trails them all in nearly every poll.  As of this writing, the latest general election national poll by CNN, IBD/TIPP, Emerson, Fox News, Quinnipiac, and SurveyUSA has President Trump behind almost every possible Democrat candidate. In 32 different matchups from the six polling agencies previously mentioned, President Trump leads in only two scenarios.  The latest IBD/TIPP national poll has Trump beating Warren 47% to 46%, and the latest Emerson poll has Trump beating Buttigieg 51% to 49%.  According to these polls, even Democrats who have since dropped out of the race were beating President Trump. The latest SurveyUSA national poll...(Read Full Article)
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