Redeeming the FBI

Give us a break…. and by “us” I mean the current and former members of the FBI and DoJ that are facing the justified skepticism of the citizens we swore to protect. Due to the actions of a few, the overall trust of the American public, previously enjoyed by both agencies is arguably at an all-time low. Tinfoil hat folks excepted, the general public has always extended the benefit of the doubt to FBI agents in the performance of their duties. This deference was hard-earned by investigators and prosecutors who made the thousands of prominent cases that forged the Bureau’s reputation. The misuse of their positions has already cost the malefactors their jobs. Whingeing over treatment at the hands of those that hurt their feelings only brings further discredit to the organization that once employed them. To the recently fired/resigned employees most well known for their inappropriate personal relationship and ill-advised communication over...(Read Full Article)
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