Progressive Disorder and Injustice

It escapes too many observers that the remedy for the highly visible deficit in social progress is not government.  Government deals with the facts of life and reality; it does not alter or reinvent them. The curative is not the heart, too easily played on by manipulators of emotion.  And it is not the mind, which is in place to adapt to reality, not replace it. If the “enlightenment” claimed by progressives has proved anything, it is that the misappropriation of reason and science by people playing god for more than two centuries has produced a mockery of social justice and wellbeing. One must be blind, asleep, bribed, drugged, or possessed not to notice the absurdity of “men having babies,” boys becoming girls, girls becoming boys, babies killed for convenience before, during, and after birth, “mother” and “father” branded as obsolete concepts, and expressions of truth denounced as “hate speech” . . . to...(Read Full Article)
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