Our Lady of Perpetual Impeachment vs. America

The question that stands before us this new year is a question that hasn’t been asked for the 244 years of our presence on the world’s stage. This election won’t be about personalities or policies or partisanship. This election is entirely existential -- will we continue in relative peace and freedom and the resultant prosperity? Will we continue trying to perfect the nation our forefathers designed? Or will we throw in the towel and declare the greatest social/governmental experiment in human history to be an abject failure? Will we choose to just crawl back into the cave of tyranny and poverty, the cave we thought we’d sealed off with the Constitution? If we choose to stay the course, rocky though it may be, and insist on finishing what those great men and women began, it won’t be easy. During this coming year our nation is likely to be shaken to its foundations either by the indictment and trials of powerful individuals, or by the lack...(Read Full Article)
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