Only Trial Witnesses Can Expose the Evil Anti-Trump Coup

Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, and their jackal pack are already howling that a Senate trial dismissal vote or a trial without witnesses amounts to a "cover-up."  We don't care what they think.  But we must care very seriously about what Americans think, and Americans have not heard the president's defense against the bogus charges because the House Democrats forbade this basic fairness.  The Senate trial is his perfect chance to destroy the Democrats' sham impeachment. If most Americans knew about the vicious covert war waged by anti-Trump officials at the highest levels of our revered security agencies to usurp the presidency, they would be outraged.  Poll numbers would reflect their overwhelming disgust with the powerful weasels at the DOJ, CIA, FBI, maybe even the FISA court, working hard undercover to undo an election that Trump won overwhelmingly. But most Americans have busy lives, and when they do tune in, they...(Read Full Article)
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