Now Is the Time to Stay in Iraq, Not Leave

With the death of General Soleimani and Iran's subsequent "saving face" retaliation, many pundits and commentators have expressed fear of an escalation of violence between the U.S. and Iran, something that could even mount into a third world war. Considering that those pushing this narrative also happen to push the narrative that Trump is a fascist dictator, Obama's foreign policy was beyond reproach, and the current impeachment is completely legitimate, it's safe to assume that these critics are mistaken.  Trump is unlikely to start a war with Iran; he has no reason to do so, nor does anyone want this of him. The real thing to fear is the opposite scenario: Trump calls it a day after killing Soleimani and pulls troops out of Iraq and Syria.  Many prominent conservatives have argued elsewhere that Americans should take this opportunity to the leave the region altogether.  They argue that continued American involvement could...(Read Full Article)
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