Killing Civilization: The Great Equality Farce

 For the West to live, equality must die. By the latter, I mean equality dogma, and a recent video I stumbled across again brought this issue to mind. It was part of an intersex wage-gap discussion that took place in Australia last year among renowned Canadian psychology professor Jordan Peterson, Labor Party politician Terri Butler, and other individuals on a program called Q&A. While as usual Peterson made good points and deserves credit for suffering fools gladly, a more fundamental problem should be addressed: Why assume that “equality” is any kind of good at all? Before tackling “equality” in principle, let’s first consider the wage-gap issue. While conservatives don’t generally support government action to equalize pay between the sexes, many of them still might consider it beneficial if men and women earned the same money. But to illustrate how this is far from true, let’s just analyze the leftist claim that this...(Read Full Article)
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