Impeachment Is Not the Issue, It's the 2020 Election

If you listen to Republicans, the impeachment of President Trump is a “bizarre strategy,” a partisan political blunder by the Democrats, doomed to fail in the Senate, and already backfiring.  As evidence, the “hit job” has energized the Republican base, boosted GOP fundraising and, come November, will cause House Democrats in Trump districts to lose re-election.  To think House Democrats actually believe Trump committed impeachable offenses grossly underestimates their political acumen. The Democrats regularly run circles around the Republicans. While the latter jumps pieces on a checkerboard, the Democrats are thinking three steps ahead, looking to checkmate the king. The Republicans mistakenly believe the issue is always about the stated issue.  They ignore political strategist Saul Alinsky, author of Rules for Radicals, who stated, “The issue is never the issue.” For Democrats, impeaching the...(Read Full Article)
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