Foreign Poetry Readers vs. US Commoners

If you were a little surprised that the MSM seemed to regard the late Qassam Soleimani as a “revered” figure and poetry reader, and were shocked, shocked that President Trump would Do Something about an Iran-backed attack on the U.S. embassy in Baghdad, I have an answer. Our Democratic friends do not want to fight a two-front war. They understand that they cannot both “fundamentally transform” America and teach the mullahs a lesson. Their war is a war on America’s Commoners, ordinary people who obey the law, go to work, and follow the rules. That is why they were eager, in Obama’s time, to appease Iran. What matter Iran when there are racist sexist dragons to slay right here at home! My point is that, whatever government is doing, it is effectively drafting the American people as the foot-soldiers in its war. Democrats draft us into their war to end oppression and injustice. And when those foot-soldiers get wounded and disabled, well, you...(Read Full Article)
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