For Pelosi's Impeachment Democrats, It's All about the Disruption

Years ago I attended an intimate gathering with Speaker John Boehner when he was fundraising for the NRCC.  While we all knew what appeal and strengths the Democrats had, I asked him: What did he identify as their Achilles’ Heel and what were his plans to exploit those vulnerabilities in order to win back Democrat seats.  He was flabbergasted; he’d never been asked that and hadn’t given it any thought.  As stunned as the remaining guests were with my query, I was even more stunned this had never been given any thought, for, how can you take on a political enemy and not have any inkling as to the vulnerabilities of the party in order to effectively craft a strategy to engage and defeat it? It’s relatively easy to pinpoint and have a plan of attack for an individual candidate’s shortcomings.  Their records are exposed, often exalted.  They are ubiquitous talking about themselves for months, sometimes years on end....(Read Full Article)
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