Don Cherry and the Alpha White Male

If Don Cherry’s not the most colourful Canadian ever, he’s in the running. Wardrobe alone puts him on the list, but that’s mere sidebar to an extraordinary life. The man’s iconic. Even without the 40-year broadcasting career, he’d be famous. Yet they cast him aside like yesterday’s garbage. They cancelled him, and they badmouthed him on the way out. That’s how they do it now. As a player, Cherry was a career minor-leaguer. He played 18 seasons in the AHL, racking up respectable stats and plenty of penalty minutes. At 20, he skated in his lone NHL game and was held off the scoresheet. He fared far better as a coach, running the Boston Bruins’ bench for five seasons, and reaching two Stanley Cup Finals -- losing both. His most famous moment was May 10, 1979 -- Game Seven against the hated Montreal Canadiens. The rivalry was as storied as it was one-sided -- the Habs were a dynasty and the Bruins (sans Bobby Orr) were a scrappy bunch...(Read Full Article)
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