Democrat Radicalism Creating a Dangerous Void

The media generally speak of Democrats as falling into one of two wings, usually contrasted as the progressive wing or as some mythical establishment moderate wing.  Bernie Sanders and his squabbling squaw sidekick are placed in that first wing, while Joe Biden is always slotted into the second one alongside the blooming meatball.  But, at this point, Democrat politicians so fear their deranged leftist base that if there are indeed two wings, both are sprouting from the left side of the albatross, which could explain why the debates are so circular and tired as to even prompt a sad sigh from Van Jones.  When all of them are for and against the same things, what's the point in tuning in?  When Malarkey isn't challenging Americans to push-up contests or protecting his son's privileged position with mouth open at a foreign cash beer bong, he sounds as though he is feeling the Bern.  All of these candidates...(Read Full Article)
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