Cowardice in the Era of Trump

In theory, I’m a professional writer. In reality, I’m a published author of three non-fiction books and several novels (only one is currently for sale) that have received some decent reviews and even won a few awards, but my writing currently doesn’t generate enough income to even feed my dogs. Fortunately, I’m very stubborn and have quite a few more stories to tell, so I don’t let the current absence of book sales discourage me. The problem is that my goal is writing detective novels that produce income, yet I seem to spend much of my time writing nonfiction essays about religion, existential science, or politics. My writing career sort of began by accident as my first book, Divine Evolution, later explained.   When an (allegedly) brilliant academic explained on television that a computer was the product of an intelligent design but the human body was not, as a software developer with twenty years of experience producing applications...(Read Full Article)
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