Can the Pro-Abortion Position Survive Artificial Wombs?

A prominent feature of the abortion debate has become the point at which the abortion procedure should be allowed to occur.  The current governor of Virginia apparently is comfortable with some time prior to preschool.  Most engaging in this tug of war generally fight over the first or second trimester, while some contend that the moment of conception initiates a human life and intentional termination is in fact murder. Many have used the stage at which a baby can survive outside the mother's womb as a practical dividing line.  However, the advance of medical science has gradually pushed the survival rates for premature births higher and higher.  In addition, abortion proponents argue that mere survival is too crude a metric.  A tragic percentage of premature babies face serious chronic health problems, which will make their lives difficult and possibly short.  These quality of life issues muddy the waters of what is...(Read Full Article)
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