Bitter Clingers in Texas Shoot Back

The reason the Founders put the Second Amendment in the Constitution, the document Democrats and liberals selectively embrace or read things into when convenient, was seen last Sunday at the West Freeway Church of Christ in White Settlement, Texas, near Forth Worth where, dare we say it again, good guys with guns stopped a bad guy with a gun.   Note the plural is used here, for video footage shows at least seven guns were drawn with seconds of the killer opening fire on the parishioners inside, killing two. But only two, as a wider massacre was stopped by those who don’t believe in gun-free zones. Two of those who returned fires were armed security guards, you know, the people used to guard our money and our politicians, but whom our politicians won’t let protect our schoolchildren. Both common sense and abject stupidity were on public display in the aftermath of the shooting: The church’s senior minister, Britt Farmer, said at a news conference...(Read Full Article)
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