Ask an Iranian

I saw my Iranian refugee friend Kaveh in church this morning and asked him what he thought of the killing of Qasem Soleimani. “I’m a little unhappy with it,” he said. “My wife’s unhappy, too. So are our parents in Teheran.” “Why”” “Because he didn’t suffer.” “You’re a Christian, right?” “Right.” “Trust me, brother, he’s suffering,” I said. I’m an ex-pat living next door to the Middle East, and I don’t think most Americans understand what a significant historic event this is. Most Iranians are completely fed up with the oppressive reign of the mullahs, and most Middle East countries are completely fed up with the organized terrorism being exported by Iran, which has been destabilizing the region for the last four decades. It all began when a rather gullible peanut rancher from Plains, Georgia, who occupied the White House for a...(Read Full Article)
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