2020 Contrast: Trump's Trade or the Dems' Impeachment

Those switching between coverage of the impeachment proceedings on Fox News and the signing of the Phase 1 China trade deal saw the stark election choice between the two parties and their priorities, between President Donald  J. Trump and those Lilliputian Democrats who would remove him from power. Trump offers continued growth and prosperity freed from the power of government and the shackles of a command economy. The comedy team of Pelosi, Nadler, and Schiff offer a palace coup to undo the hopes and free choice of the American people and lead to economic collapse and a Third World justice system where there is no due process, no right to confront your accuser, or to call witnesses in your defense, and an Alice-In Wonderland world where hearsay and presumption trumps, no pun intended, actual facts, actual crimes and real evidence..     Ironically, the China trade deal is the ultimate quid pro quo, doing more to boost Trump’s reelection chances than any...(Read Full Article)
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