2019: The Left Goes Over the Edge

The left has always been a movement in danger of going straight over the edge. You can see it in the rhetoric, the agenda, the public behavior, and the quality of people it attracts. Many of us have been waiting for years for it to blow up like a Soviet-era nuclear reactor. But although individual leftists have redlined (Hillary, Anthony Weiner, your name here), the movement as a whole has repeatedly pulled out before going into the abyss. There always seems to be a rescuing hand extended from somewhere or other. (More on that later.) That’s why 2019 was such a satisfactory year – much more satisfactory than most. Because 2019 was the year that the left plunged toward oblivion, howling madly, engines exploding, and fuel tanks ablaze. You voice doubts, comrades? Well then, come along with me for a short stroll through some of the highlights of the past twelve months. • Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez – The Future of the Progressive Movement is an...(Read Full Article)
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