What I Learned Ringing the Bell

You might be surprised at what you can see and hear while ringing the Christmas Bell for the Salvation Army.  These last two weeks, I saw hundreds of people going in and out of our local Walmart, all coming within just a few feet of my Salvation Army Bell and Red Kettle.  Soon after I started ringing the bell, a few people stopped to chat, and it was then that I realized that I had a great opportunity to learn some new things.  I found that I was in the presence of authentic people living life, who were wanting and striving toward the best life they could create for themselves and their loved ones. Let me share with you a few insights garnered from the people I was lucky enough to meet. I saw a 60-ish daughter with her 85-ish mom carefully making their way into the store.  Mom had a cane in one hand and a firm grip on her daughter's arm with the other hand, slowed down by an ankle that was obviously a bit off...(Read Full Article)
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