Unconstitutional Impeachment: The Real Abuse of Power

The House has filed articles of impeachment against President Trump.  The charges are vague, not criminal, not in line with constitutional requirements, but Democrats don't care.  The American people are opposed to this illegal impeachment, but again, Democrats don't care.  They have a mission, and nothing will stand in their way. But then we've been here before, haven't we?  In 2009, our government rolled over us like a tank in Tiananmen Square to pass Obamacare.  Like impeachment, Obamacare was unpopular, opposed by most Americans.  Like impeachment, Congress and their media pushed the lies, the empty promises: to tamp down opposition. And here we go again.  Nancy's marshaling her forces to once again steamroll the people.  And she's just as committed to overthrowing our government as she was to enacting a socialist takeover of our health care.  Our government...(Read Full Article)
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