Trumping a Low Pair

The week ended with the President trumping a low pair -- congressmen Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler -- when White House Counsel Pat Cipollone responded to Congressman Nadler’s demand that the Judiciary Committee be informed if the White House intended to participate in the second act of the impeachment clown show. The letter in sum says, "go right to impeachment so we can have a real trial in the Senate": In effect, he was telling the 31 congressmen who won in 2016 in districts carried by Trump, along with others on shaky ground, that they can vote for this only at substantial cost to their own careers. What to Expect in the Senate Trial  Mollie Hemingway who, like me, doesn’t believe the President will be impeached, notes the likely witness list in a Senate hearing, which, unlike the House hearings, operates like a real trial with due process protections.  Among those she thinks would certainly be subpoenaed: Adam Schiff, Eric...(Read Full Article)
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