Trump-Hating Democrats are the Real Cult

There has been an outbreak of cult-watchers among Democrats, as they all parrot the same talking points that President Donald Trump’s supporters are part of a cult and that he is a cult leader. A rogue’s gallery in leftist groupthink rushed to get in on the action; Dan Rather, Ana Navarro, Brian Stelter, Dana Milbank, Joy Reid, and even the Mooch, along with an entire constellation of dimbulbs.  It’s a noticeable shift away from direct attacks on the president as the spears are turned on Americans who have the audacity to support him.     This is perhaps because the president is such an effective counterpuncher that the attacks on him have only bound him tighter to everyday Americans while making the Democrats look foolish.  So it’s now open season on Trump supporters in an evolution of the bitter-clinger and deplorable attacks. But, as Hillary learned, insulting more than sixty million Americans is not the smartest...(Read Full Article)
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