Trump-Hating Democrats are the Real Cult

There has been an outbreak of cult-watchers among Democrats, as they all parrot the same talking points that President Donald Trump’s supporters are part of a cult and that he is a cult leader.

A rogue’s gallery in leftist groupthink rushed to get in on the action; Dan Rather, Ana Navarro, Brian Stelter, Dana Milbank, Joy Reid, and even the Mooch, along with an entire constellation of dimbulbs. 

It’s a noticeable shift away from direct attacks on the president as the spears are turned on Americans who have the audacity to support him.    

This is perhaps because the president is such an effective counterpuncher that the attacks on him have only bound him tighter to everyday Americans while making the Democrats look foolish.  So it’s now open season on Trump supporters in an evolution of the bitter-clinger and deplorable attacks.

But, as Hillary learned, insulting more than sixty million Americans is not the smartest political play.

The cult attack is ludicrous on its face but at least it has produced a few funny moments, such as Brian Stelter sympathetically asking his deranged guest and author of The Cult of Trump, “You say the president is using mind control. But how is it provable?” 

If only Democrats could end the mind control, Americans would all go back to supporting globalist America-lasters and Marxist madmen.  The war on billionaires could start in earnest and we could open the Ministry of Merciful Reeducation. 

If there really was a cult leader and members, I would expect them to try a few of the following tactics:

  • Implement institutionalized spying on political foes and the media.  Even the New York Times admitted that Barack Obama’s administration spied on reporters.  And as for spying on political foes, Obama’s administration practically built a new industry out of it.  If, as nearly every liberal believes, Trump is the worst type of dictator, he would indeed be the most inept dictator in history in the sense that he shows no tyrannical qualities. 
  • Cult supporters might create a giant baby balloon of a political foe and then believe that protecting that balloon was more important than protecting the president himself. 
  • A cult leader might talk in Messianic language and say, non-ironically, that “this (his election) is the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow, and our planet began to heal.”  He might be declared a “sort of God” who is standing above the world as Newsweek editor Evan Thomas once declared of Obama to noted leg-tingler, Chris Matthews.  A cultlike leader might tell black Americans that Republicans want to put them back in chains, as Joe Biden once did
  • Cult followers might produce plays depicting the assassination of a hated political leader or a picture of a celebrity holding that leader’s severed head
  • A cultlike media organization might produce nothing but “Orange Man Bad” themed covers. Perhaps Time would devolve so badly into cultlike babblings that it might produce a cover with a picture of a melting orange head.  Or perhaps Newsweek could produce a cover of a cheeto-eating president in a lounge chair with the statement, “Donald Trump is bored and tired.  Imagine how bad he’d feel if he did any work.”  For that matter, a cultlike magazine might claim that the president was golfing and tweeting when he was visiting American troops in Afghanistan.
  • Cult followers might elevate a silly first-world boutique concern like climate change into a religion and then declare that the only way to address it is to destroy the global economy.
  • Cult members might demand a commitment to human sacrifice while obsessing over straws.  Kirsten Gillibrand caught the zeitgeist of the party when she noted that Democrats should be “100 percent pro-choice, and it should be nonnegotiable.”  Moloch and Chemosh approve of that message.
  • Cult members might form an intolerant Marxist-inspired violent extremist organization under the guise of opposing fascists.    

The fact that liberal elites cannot understand why Americans support the president shows that they are severed from reality, normalcy, and common sense.   

But, the reason for the depth of support for President Trump is neither mystical nor strange.  Contrary to Stelter’s belief, no mind control ray is involved.  The answer is simple.  The president is working tirelessly to support all Americans, even the morons that are dragging around the baby Trump balloon. 

The rush to declare Trump-supporters as deranged cultists is the cultlike activity.  And, all the hate-filled members have engorged themselves on the poisonous Kool-Aid.

The ever-insightful Candace Owens observed, “Hating Trump has manifested itself as a cult. It’s dark, sickly obsessive, and its members will sacrifice literally anything (including America) to uphold their obscure demands for his destruction.”  Liberalism is a fevered swamp of rage, entitlement, and envy. 

When the media lives in an alternate universe where they attack the president for honoring a heroic dog or pretend that they don’t understand why he would manipulate an image of what is an obvious meme, there is no hope of redemption. 

When they go apoplectic that a small majority of Republican voters rate the president above Abraham Lincoln as part of a media-contrived story with no purpose but to feed their outrage, there is no hope of recovery.  When Democrats still celebrate the odious “you’d better put some ice on that” Lolita Express and his charming Russian stooge bride, they are lost.  They are indeed a cult.  And more and more Americans are waking up to that fact.   

Fletch Daniels can be found on twitter @fletchdaniels.     

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