Trump Turkey Trots Over the Democrats

Another Thanksgiving has come and gone. Hopefully everyone’s dinner table discussions were polite. Bloomberg News gave turkey eaters advice on how to keep Thanksgiving dinner civil. That’s the same Bloomberg News promising that it won’t investigate presidential candidate Bloomberg or other Democrats. Another tradition are turkey trots, runs before and after Thanksgiving, providing an opportunity to burn off excess calories from eating and drinking. President Trump had a weeklong turkey trot, stepping all over the Democrats and their media comrades, giving them all a bad case of political indigestion. Thanksgiving week began with a Trump rally, an event in and of itself, enough to set the hair of cable news talking heads on fire. Despite constant admonitions from CNN and MSNBC that “The walls are closing in” on the President, he was relaxed, confident, and comfortable making his case to the American people. He dissected the fake news narrative of...(Read Full Article)
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