Trump Turkey Trots Over the Democrats

Another Thanksgiving has come and gone. Hopefully everyone’s dinner table discussions were polite. Bloomberg News gave turkey eaters advice on how to keep Thanksgiving dinner civil. That’s the same Bloomberg News promising that it won’t investigate presidential candidate Bloomberg or other Democrats.

Another tradition are turkey trots, runs before and after Thanksgiving, providing an opportunity to burn off excess calories from eating and drinking. President Trump had a weeklong turkey trot, stepping all over the Democrats and their media comrades, giving them all a bad case of political indigestion.

Thanksgiving week began with a Trump rally, an event in and of itself, enough to set the hair of cable news talking heads on fire. Despite constant admonitions from CNN and MSNBC that “The walls are closing in” on the President, he was relaxed, confident, and comfortable making his case to the American people.

He dissected the fake news narrative of his recent physical exam where it was claimed that he suffered everything from a massive heart attack to mere chest pain. Trump jokingly bragged during the rally about his “gorgeous chest” and followed up a day later with a tweet showing his head photoshopped onto Rocky Balboa’s body, setting the humorless media into outrage overdrive, trolling them to the point of them actually reminding their viewers and readers that the photo wasn’t real. 

Then came Thanksgiving day with an investigative sleuth at Newsweek, Jessica Kwong, in a tweet dripping with snark and scorn, asking how Trump would be spending Thanksgiving. As she is a journalist at a major American magazine, she knew to do her research and her editors knew to verify her assertion that Trump would be, “tweeting, golfing and more.”

Within hours, she face-planted on her tweet as the President was not, as she claimed golfing, but instead visiting U.S. troops in Afghanistan, spending Thanksgiving mostly on an airplane, and in his spirit of honoring America’s military, serving them their Thanksgiving meal.

Twitter screen shot

A few days later, the Trump curse visited Ms. Kwong like a bad case of food poisoning after eating some spoiled turkey. Newsweek gave her a Black Friday pink slip over her shoddy attempt at journalism. Surely her dismissal will be a résumé enhancer and she should soon be appearing on CNN or “The View.” Missing, of course, was any apology or contrition.

President Trump got the last laugh, as he usually manages to do, with a tweet, “I thought Newsweek was out of business?” Or as Don Jr. summarized it, “Fake news gonna fake!”

Another Thanksgiving week event, drawing a clear distinction between the liberal elites, whether in newsrooms or coffee shops, and those making and keeping America safe, involved Starbucks. A barista at an Oklahoma Starbucks gave a police officer a coffee with “pig” on the printed label, rather than the officer’s name.

Appropriately, the virtue signaling coffee maker was fired. The barista can join another virtue signaling jokester, Colin Kaepernick, in the unemployment line. The kneeling quarterback, despite his hyped pre-Thanksgiving NFL tryout session, has not received a job offer. The three Thanksgiving turkeys – a quarterback, a barista, and a Newsweek reporter – are exactly why Trump was elected president and will be reelected.

It’s almost as if they were giving him a campaign contribution. Let’s give all three thanks for their Thanksgiving antics.

Lap band Jerry Nadler is firing up the House Judiciary Committee over Thanksgiving week for another impeachment inquiry. As Christmas is coming, it’s time for yet another sequel to Home Alone, this year’s version, called Democrats Home Alone, promising to be the worst sequel of all. Nadler and his committee will rehash Shifty Schiff’s partisan hearings, based on the House Intelligence Committee report, written entirely by Democrats and their NeverTrump Lawfare attorneys.

Nadler also promises to revisit Russian collusion and obstruction of justice, both of which were debunked by Robert Mueller and his hyperpartisan band of Democratic persecutors in the Special Counsel report. No matter for Jerry, who is determined to not let facts or evidence get in his way. Hopefully the hearings are as entertaining as Nadler’s previous hearings, in which Corey Lewandowski testified a few months ago.

Thanksgiving polls also gave a boost to President Trump. A Thanksgiving trio of polls, Emerson, Rasmussen, and Marist, all show Trump with approximately 33 percent approval among blacks. In 2016, Trump had only 6 percent of the black vote compared to Hillary Clinton, according to Pew Research.

The Marist poll predicts 29 percent of non-whites voting for Trump in 2020. That’s five times more support than he had four years ago. Can you say landslide? The election is still a year away and the ultimate poll, and the only one that really matters, will be on election day. But three polls all saying much the same thing is quite the Thanksgiving trio for the Trump campaign.

Lastly is the Democrat frontrunner candidate, Joe Biden, laying several turkey eggs over Thanksgiving. He rolled out his campaign bus, the “No Malarkey” express to nowhere. What a great way to appeal to young voters -- use an Irish word popularized a hundred years ago, that most never heard of.

Then there was Creepy Joe Biden on the campaign trail. Channeling his inner Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, and Jeffrey Epstein, he actually said this,

And by the way, you know, I sit on the stand, and it get hot, I got hairy legs that... turn blonde in the sun and the kids used to come up and reach in the pool and rub my leg down so it was straight and watch the hair come back up again. They'd look at it.

This was another Thanksgiving gift to Trump and his campaign.

Not content with being Creepy Joe, he also became Munchy Joe, nibbling at his wife Jill’s finger at an Iowa campaign stop. Perhaps he thought he was still at the Thanksgiving table, chewing on a turkey drumstick. Which is worse, nibbling fingers or talking about children rubbing his hairy legs? Once again, the campaign commercials are writing themselves. Trump must be praying to have Biden as his electoral opponent.

YouTube screen grab

Overall the past week has been a turkey trot for President Trump, over Democrats, media, and his detractors. And this is only the opening warmup act, with the IG report out next week and the Durham/Barr duet waiting stage right not to just trot, but gallop and stampede over the hapless Democrats.

Brian C Joondeph, MD, is a Denver-based physician, freelance writer and occasional radio talk show host whose pieces have appeared in American Thinker, Daily Caller, and other publications. Follow him on Facebook,  LinkedIn, Twitter, and QuodVerum.

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