Trump and the Pharisees

The recurring effort to subordinate Christianity to the reactionary public ethics of those who do not like Republican presidents is enjoying another resurgence.  The recent editorial in Christianity Today and editorials in places like the Christian Post basically assert the following:  President Trump is an exceptionally immoral President and unethical model and therefore any Christian who supports him is as bad or worse than him.  This is a profoundly flawed argument and deserves to be soundly rejected by the public. An important insight into Christianity’s intrinsic meaning can be found in a relatively sophisticated critique of Christianity:  What do Moses, David, and the apostle Paul all have in common?  Minimally they share a common tradition of being major authors of the Bible as well as personal authors of murder.  Skeptics of Christianity utilize this irony to attack the credibility of Christian origins.  It is however an...(Read Full Article)
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