This Land is Whose Land?

Of all the naïve nonsense that emits from the mouths of young people today, perhaps the most annoying is the constant and ignorant presumption that, somehow, the land within America’s borders doesn’t truly belong to the people who reside here, because the majority are the descendants of people who have migrated from European countries in centuries past.  Ostensibly, this land was “stolen” by European settlers hundreds of years ago from the people who happened to live here before. “[W]e are standing on native land, and Latino people are the descendants of native people,” said a tearful Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez back in February of this year.  Therefore, because the land truly belongs to native peoples of the past and their descendants, “Latinos” from other countries enjoy some peculiar “right to human mobility” which suggests that they can, as noncitizens, enter American sovereign territory to enjoy...(Read Full Article)
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