The Strange Alliance: Secular Humanism and Neo-Paganism

Beginning in the 1700's in Europe we began to see the forming of a strange and seemingly self-contradictory alliance of intellectuals and artists/writers that made-up a large part of what we now call "The Enlightenment". Broadly speaking the Enlightenment was a much needed antitoxin against: religious fanaticism, senseless wars and the social/political injustices of that period, but as all social movements carry within them the seeds of ideological extremes so did the "Enlightenment". Secular humanism was one of these extremes and neo-paganism was the other. Instead of reforming the Judeo-Christian religion and returning it to its original humane beginning as taught by the Gospel of Jesus Christ, secular humanism opted for the total elimination of religious faith and religion in total was seen as a retrograde influence.But like a bi-polar mind divided against itself the "Enlightenment" also produced a number of writers/philosophers that promoted a...(Read Full Article)
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