The Destructiveness of the Liberal Child Mind

One of the very many reasons I would never vote Left (Democrat) is because of the child-like view of the world embraced by those with this ideology.  Children, or adults with childish notions, running the world are a recipe for disaster.  Would any adult with his head even modestly screwed on really want to have a world run by the likes of this disturbed teenager, Greta — the leftist Time Magazine's person of the year? This is particularly true in the economic part of our world — a world that deeply impacts each of our lives, every day of the year.  This childishness begins with their utterly naïve belief that government workers and politicians are basically competent, kind, and compassionate, hence deserving great power over each of us.  It sweeps across their foolish and destructive open borders policies, their twisted view that American history does not live up to a utopian view of life, the preposterous...(Read Full Article)
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