Schumer's Corrupt Democratic Jurors

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell was right to so eloquently smack down cryin’ Chuck Schumer’s request for a “Schumer do-over” of the House impeachment process with unheard-from witnesses. If, as House Democrats insist, the “evidence” is “uncontested,” why does Schumer seek new evidence and want to hear new witnesses, providing a list of White House advisers but not a list that includes the alleged Ukraine whistleblower? Schumer whines that McConnell has said he will take his cues on a Senate trial from President Trump, whom the House denied due process and the right to confront his accuser. Too bad, cryin’ Chuck, for just as in the House, elections have consequences. Republicans won the Senate so you play by their rules    Schumer pretends that a Senate impeachment trial is like a trial in criminal or civil court and that McConnell can’t act as both a juror and a defense attorney. Of course he can -- an...(Read Full Article)
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