Satanists at the Christmas Party

Sussex County, Delaware is perhaps the last place in America you’d expect to find a group of Satanists. Known among some Delawareans as “lower, slower Delaware,” the still sleepy little county is peopled with bible-believing folk who have been known more for raising chickens and crops than for raising Cain. Granted, things have changed quite a bit since the days I lived there as a child.  The people who lived near the dilapidated farmhouse my parents rented still ran family farms, raising and killing their own chickens and hogs. The shore town of Rehoboth was a peaceful place geared toward vacationing families. It is now a boom town hosting refugees from the Washington, D.C. scene.  The county itself is increasingly peopled by retirees who enjoy the moderate climate. But despite the changes over time, Sussex County has still retained its traditional religious conservatism. Who would have guessed the celebration of Christmas would bring out of...(Read Full Article)
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