Red Tide Rising

On September 21, a protest was held in Aurora, Colorado demanding abolishment of U.S. borders and the Immigration & Customs Enforcement agency.  Over the last three years, a myriad of similar anti-ICE, open-border demonstrations have been held in cities across America, all of which have been encouraged and supported, tacitly or otherwise, by the Democratic Party. One of several Democratic front groups that participated in the protest calls itself the Party for Socialism and Liberation/Denver.  To make sure its Marxist ideology doesn’t go unnoticed, the group’s Facebook page reads “Building a Worker’s Paradise in the Heartland of World Imperialism.”  PSL/Denver’s name includes the word socialism, but the communist flag flown at its Aurora protest shows that to this profoundly anti-American group, socialism and communism are heads of the same snake. The open borders demonstration was also attended by members of Rocky Mountain...(Read Full Article)
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