Rat-Catchers: The True Function of a Free Press

That there are scoundrels in government will come as no surprise to anyone.  All governments.  Always have been and always will be, despite our best efforts to remove them.  They are like cockroaches, the ultimate survivors.  Scoundrels, like a virus, hijack the nominal purpose of government and use it to their own ends, entrenching their positions, lining their pockets, and growing their power. All societies have sought to eradicate scoundrels in government through various measures, a hopeless but necessary effort.  These measures work to some extent, but the end result is just to select for sneakier and craftier scoundrels in a Darwinian manner.  The rats learn to play the game better and still end up running most of the structure, if not all of it. The most effective, though certainly not foolproof, method attempted to date was hit upon by the framers of the U.S. Constitution.  The founding fathers stumbled...(Read Full Article)
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