Quid Pro Quo Equals Trump Twice

The so-called House impeachment “inquiry” in November was a little like turning over rocks in a vacant lot. Every time you looked, something ugly crawled off. Alas, blowback is God’s way of dispensing poetic and political justice. Since 2016; Beltway apparatchiks, the Intelligence Community, the Justice Department, the State Department, and the Democrat party did more to undermine confidence in American institutions than any foreign power such as Russia or Ukraine could hope to. The real enemy, Pogo, is still “us.” The stacked deck of witnesses at the recent impeachment “inquiry” validated Trump’s misgivings about the National Security Council and State Department. Even if you discount arrogant self-important conceit, three of that sorry group still stand out; Alexander Vendman, David Holmes, and Fiona Hill, the former two from State, and the later from the NSC.  YouTube screen grab Vendmen and Holmes are...(Read Full Article)
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