Pelosi's Ploy

Some say there is an evil genius to Pelosi’s withholding Articles of Impeachment from the Senate where they are certain to face ignominious defeat.  As long as she refuses to submit, the “Wicked B!tch of the West” can claim Trump has been impeached without having to acknowledge that her crimeless Articles are doomed to an unceremonious trouncing in a Republican-controlled Senate. She is counting on an uninformed public, unaware that constitutionally, until she transmits the articles to the Senate, Trump has not been impeached.  A grand jury can decide for indictment but if the prosecutor chooses not to file the indictment with the court, that person has not been indicted. To paraphrase her ideological thought-mate, Ted Kaczynski, Pelosi, with the delay of her impeachment bomb, “wants to eat her cake and have it too.” She knows people will believe that Trump has been impeached.  After all, it’s often said Nixon was impeached,...(Read Full Article)
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