Our Outrage Over the Dems' Impeachment Farce

To say that We the People are outraged over the Democrats baseless absurd articles of impeachment against our president would be an understatement. Candidly, I've had to talk my feisty Irish/Cherokee wife down from throwing a brick through our TV. These arrogant scumbags, in essence, are saying screw you, 63 million Americans who elected this guy. We're smearing his a** with impeachment and y'all can't stop us. The most infuriating thing about Democrats and fake news medias' fake outrage over Trump's alleged crimes is everyone knows Trump has done nothing wrong. He has functioned totally within his presidential authority. Democrats and media are attempting to criminalize Trump defending himself while exposing their corruption. The only thing Trump is guilty of is keeping his promise to do everything within his power to make America great again.  Folks, it feels like we are in an episode of “The Twilight Zone” in which Democrats' and...(Read Full Article)
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