Operation Mockingbird's Racial Destructive Lies

In a recent article, I explained that Operation Mockingbird is a program founded by the CIA in the 1950s to use journalists and front groups to spread propaganda.  Today’s version of Operation Mockingbird uses intelligence agencies, academia, Hollywood, and the Democratic party to spread hatred for Christians, traditional values, law-abiding gun owners, straight white men, pro-lifers, police and the 63 million who voted for Trump. I am encouraged that a growing number of young Americans realize they are being propagandized 24/7. Young people are fed up with SJWs (social justice warriors) demonizing whites, anyone who is happy, successful, thin, and enjoying life. Youths are angry for being branded an “ist” or “phobe” for everything they say or do. These three Operation Mockingbird lies continue to wreak havoc, igniting racial hatred, division and violence. The Tea Party is racist. In 2008, I was about to sing my “American Tea...(Read Full Article)
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