Notre Dame and the Curse of the Peacock

In the hunt for the BCS playoffs seedings are the usual suspects with Ohio State, Clemson and two  members of the Southeast Conference (neither one named Alabama) vying for one or both of the other spots in the four school playoffs. Pac 12 Utah and Big 12 schools Baylor and Oklahoma also maintain outside chances if everything falls into place and goes their way. It is a low percentage shot, one even on which the bookies aren’t willing to provide odds,  but it is better than a number of schools that are ranked in the 25  but will only be watching the ESPN drama wondering in what part of the sunbelt region they’ll be spending time on the beach and catching some rays while the rest of America figures out how to stay warm as winter snows blanket the rest of the nation. Notice one school missing from the playoffs discussion. Notre Dame. They have recorded double digit wins again. Something they have done four times since 2012. And they were in the...(Read Full Article)
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