Nadler's Frightening Abuse of Power

When the Dear Leader of the House Judiciary Committee, Rep. Jerry Nadler, said this was too important a matter to trust to the voters in the next election, he and his ilk gave us a frightening preview of the Gulag into which they would put We the People should they gain full control of the government. They wrap themselves up in the Constitution but conveniently forget the first three words.  They forget that the Constitution establishes three branches of government, not two.  But they have no time for the courts to rule on disputed documents and privileged conversations.  They call the president a dictator, yet they can't wait for the next election.  That election would be tainted and corrupt, don't ya know.  Any election Trump might win would be "tainted" by definition.  Look at all those Ukrainians and Russians who attend Trump rallies.  And isn't red the color of communism? They...(Read Full Article)
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